Introducing the NFT Bookstore

3 min readApr 8, 2022


Cryptoversal Books has just launched the beta version of the NFT Bookstore, a literary marketplace for NFT books.

NFT books restore the medium ownership that readers lost in the move from print to ebooks. All the benefits of digitized content are retained while enabling new reader experiences and a secondary market that benefits readers and compensates authors.

Forever Books for Every Reader

The NFT books listed in the NFT Bookstore are linked to an immutable ledger establishing authenticity, provenance, ownership rights, and smart contract governance. The books exist as decentralized files, maintaining a pristine condition, potentially, for hundred years.

That’s why we’re calling them Forever Books.

But Forever Books can’t exist without a Forever Planet, so Cryptoversal is committed to carbon-responsible operations through best practices in our office, by conducting transactions on only the most energy-efficient blockchains available, and through carbon offsets that remove two molecules of CO2 from the atmosphere for every one in our carbon footprint.

We also understand that purchasing NFTs with cryptocurrency can be a complicated and frustrating experience. That’s why we make it easy for most items in the NFT Bookstore to be purchased directly with a fiat debit or credit card. Buyers in the NFT Bookstore on Polygon have a choice of paying in Matic, the native coin of the Polygon blockchain, or by credit/debit with a 4% exchange provider fee.

What’s in Store?

Although our book minter is still under development, scheduled to be deployed later in the year, our initial offerings will include Book Authenticators, Literary Collectibles, Membership Passes, NFT Poems, and Messenger Tokens.

NFT Book Authenticators

Book Authenticators are signed and numbered NFTs paired with signed and numbered physical books, like the cult classic Penguins of Doom in a rare out-of-print hardcover edition.

Each book includes an NFC chip that can be scanned by a mobile phone to show the linked NFT and its complete transaction history. When the NFT is purchased in the NFT Bookstore, the buyer is prompted for shipping information and will receive the physical book as an add-on gift.

Messenger Tokens

Messenger Tokens are literary-themed NFT collectibles with a special utility. They identify the recipients of future NFT book airdrops. These might include pre-order tokens like this one for an NFT book that will be published at a future date or subscription tokens that will airdrop a series of NFT books, magazines, newsletters, poems, or related collectibles over a period of time.

Our current Literary Gargoyle, Lucky, has put together a collection of Messenger Tokens that includes some of history’s greatest works of literature represented by NFTs that offer artistic and sometimes animated cover art.


We are offering authors, poets, publishers, and rights-holders an opportunity to list their own Messenger Tokens and NFT poems now, and to add NFT books when our minter comes online. We’re focused on the Polygon blockchain to start, but will be adding Ethereum when that blockchain completes its transition to a more eco-friendly proof-of-stake format over the summer, and we’ll be evaluating and adding additional blockchains over time.

Any literary NFT minted through the NFT Bookstore may be resold on OpenSea and other major NFT marketplaces, but having a dedicated NFT Bookstore will facilitate the publishing industry’s transition into the Web3 space, connecting authors and readers in their own book-loving metaverse community.

This is the future of books and the next evolution in storytelling.

You can check out our MVP site at and let us know what you think, follow our social media, and look for more to come.




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