Introducing the NFT Bookstore

Forever Books for Every Reader

The NFT books listed in the NFT Bookstore are linked to an immutable ledger establishing authenticity, provenance, ownership rights, and smart contract governance. The books exist as decentralized files, maintaining a pristine condition, potentially, for hundred years.

What’s in Store?

Although our book minter is still under development, scheduled to be deployed later in the year, our initial offerings will include Book Authenticators, Literary Collectibles, Membership Passes, NFT Poems, and Messenger Tokens.

NFT Book Authenticators

Book Authenticators are signed and numbered NFTs paired with signed and numbered physical books, like the cult classic Penguins of Doom in a rare out-of-print hardcover edition.

Messenger Tokens

Messenger Tokens are literary-themed NFT collectibles with a special utility. They identify the recipients of future NFT book airdrops. These might include pre-order tokens like this one for an NFT book that will be published at a future date or subscription tokens that will airdrop a series of NFT books, magazines, newsletters, poems, or related collectibles over a period of time.


We are offering authors, poets, publishers, and rights-holders an opportunity to list their own Messenger Tokens and NFT poems now, and to add NFT books when our minter comes online. We’re focused on the Polygon blockchain to start, but will be adding Ethereum when that blockchain completes its transition to a more eco-friendly proof-of-stake format over the summer, and we’ll be evaluating and adding additional blockchains over time.



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